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The Kandlefish is a natural reproduction of the candlefish, a member of the smelt family. Its long, slender profile shape is highly prized by game fish around the world in both fresh and salt water.  Its lively action, and deadly sonic vibration, imitates the frantic and erratic action of many other species of injured baitfish such as anchovies, herring, needlefish, sand lance, ballyhoo, sardines and shiners.  Its wide range of sizes enables the Kandlefish to be effectively fished from the surface down to 300 feet.  It is extremely versatile and is the only lure-type that can be castjiggedswum or trolled.  When cast, or jigged, most strikes will occur on the fall.  The K-Fish has a swimming-darting action on the retrieve, or when trolled, and a strike-triggering erratic fluttering, darting, vibrating and gliding action on the fall.  Practice with your Kandlefish in calm, clear water to become familiar with its action.

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