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on all orders over $50.00

Shipping & Returns



Shipping -

  • We strive to process and ship your order the same day we receive it.  Here's what could affect this:

    • We are abnormally busy.

    • You placed the order after we left the office or on a weekend.  We're open Monday through Friday from 9 AM to 4 PM (EST), and take the weekends off (we need time to take our families fishing too).

    • We received the order after all the carriers have done their daily pick up. (This is usually late in the afternoon)

    • It is a nationally recognized holiday.  Chances are, if the banks are closed, so are we.

    • We are in a tropical climate.  Severe tropical weather may cause a delay in shipping.

  • Since we charge a flat rate for shipping, we will choose the carrier we find appropriate for your order.  If you would like to choose a specific carrier or you need next/second-day, please email us before you place the order.  We may charge an additional fee for this service.

Walk-Ins -

If you live (or are on vacation) near the airport in Punta Gorda, you do have the option of picking your order up from us and not paying the shipping fees.  Please keep the following in mind:

  • Read the shipping information about our office hours.
  • We do not have a retail location, so you'll need to contact us to make an appointment.
  • Look us up on Google maps.  Look at the street view.  We are NOT easy to find. There were a lot of factors to choosing this location, and the amount of foot traffic wasn't even on that list.

Returns -

All sales are final.  If you received the wrong item, your item is defective, or you feel what you got was not what you were expecting, please use the contact us forms located all over the website.