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About Us

Welcome to Wahoo Fishing Products, Inc. Ric Welle - President 

The company was founded by Ric Welle who started his fishing tackle career in Baudette, Minnesota in the basement of his home while teaching High School math in 1967. His first lures were hand tied jigs made of natural hair and feathers. In 1968 he moved his family to International Falls, Minnesota to teach in the High School there while continuing his fishing tackle business under the name R.J.. Tackle. The business flourished with the acquisition of the Barracuda Jig Company, St. Petersburg, Florida in 1968, with a line of Hand Tied Saltwater Jigs. 

In 1973 Ric and a friend created “Mister Twister", the innovative line of soft plastic worms and grubs with a curl tail giving them a swimming action. They took the fishing tackle industry by storm and in 1983 “Mister Twister" was acquired by the Mepps Company and continues to thrive today. 

R.J.. Tackle continued manufacturing on an OEM basis. In 1985 the name brands of WAZP for Freshwater Fishing products and Key Largo for Saltwater Fishing tackle were introduced. 

In 2002 Ric founded Wahoo Fishing Products “Lures of Intelligent Design and Quality Craftsmanship.” The lures under this banner include Spinner Baits, Buzz Baits, Jig Heads, Balsa Floats, Jigs and Hand Tied Jigs and Flies. 

The features of our lures include holographic finishes, durable two tone paint finishes, premium components and natural hair and feathers. Wahoo sells its fishing products throughout the United States, Canada, Europe, Australia and New Zealand solely to distributors and dealers. 

Whether fishing in freshwater or saltwater, Wahoo Fishing Products has the selection to make anybody’s next fishing trip a huge success